A Journey into Yourself... For Yourself...


During this process you will...

 Consider what you believe? 

 Do your beliefs help or harm you?

Know Your WHY? ..... Create YOUR Future!


Is what you believe 

helping you manifest your desires 

or is it harming you?  

Where do your beliefs come from? 

Learn a process that allows you 

or your organization to create a better future.

The Magic of Why© process 

will allow you,

or your organization 

to consider what you believe and WHY?

CONTACT: lhardin@magicofwhy.com

YOU are the STAR in this Process


You have the ability to be, to do, to achieve anything. 

The Magic of Why© process 

will give you the tools 

to break Fear and the thoughts, words and deeds 

that do not assist you or your future.  

Learn to operate your life and future 

based on a new model

Love, Trust, Care, Share, Allow 

CONTACT: lhardin@magicofwhy.com

The Magic of Why© Book, CD's, Video


Book … The Magic of Why©         

for Re-membering your Soul

by Lynne Hardin $ 24.95

CD... Music Only by Jonathan Sacks $9.95

CD... Music by Jonathan Sacks & Narrated by the Author $9.95 

DVD... Narrated Video $14.95

CONTACT: lhardin@magicofwhy.com 


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